5 New “Plus Size” Looks You’ll Flip For

July 2, 2015

Being a plus size does not always mean having to settle for clothes that are ordinary. The common misconception that women who wear larger sizes have is that they cannot be fashionable.  Style is never about the size of clothing, it’s all about how you wear it. Most anything and everything that is “in” these days can be pulled off by curvy women with a few tips and tricks. Here are new looks that can be tried.

1. The Maxi Dress

Most women who wear a plus size tend to shy away from dresses. Some feel that it makes them look short, stumpy or it simply does not flatter their body type. The truth is that a maxi dress can be a plus girl’s best friend in her wardrobe. The right type of dress will provide coverage in the right areas, such as the thighs and stomach. To create a slimmer silhouette, pick empire cut dresses online, or one with a sweetheart neckline.

Although black and other dark colors are a safe bet, it can be fun to experiment with prints as well. Just remember to pick designs that are anywhere from medium to large in size. Maxi dresses are also versatile and easy to dress up or down for a new look depending on the season or occasion. Wear it with a belt, your favorite denim jacket or even heels on a special occasion.

2. Harem Pants

Making a comeback from the 80’s and early 90’s these low crotch pants are a great option to jeans. They are both stylish and comfortable at the same time. Most curvy women fear wearing this because they feel that it will only add bulk due to its loose design. However, wearing it right can prove to be the opposite.

Choosing the right fabric can make a big difference the way harem pants accentuate your curves. Go for soft cloths such as jersey or cotton jersey so that it drapes nicely without gathering in the wrong places. Since these pants are already loose you’ll want to pair it with a top that is fitted or short. Tucking in your shirt or wearing a belt will work as well since it can help define the waist area.  Avoid oversized shirts since these tend to look sloppy rather than put together.

Lastly, if this style tends to make you look short, lengthen the appearance of your legs by cuffing the pants to show your ankles. A good pair of heels or wedges can also help achieve the same effect.

3. Capes

Finding outerwear that will keep you warm without adding bulk can be difficult. This is why capes are a perfect alternative to the usual jacket. They provide warmth, while still looking sleek and stylish. This is especially true with those that are long and run below the waist. These cover a good part of the thighs as well as the bottom. There are a number of deigns available for capes that range from casual to dressed up.

Whichever design you pick, remember to pair it with leggings or skinny jeans for a longer and slimmer silhouette. Bulky pants will create a boxy appearance since capes tend to be large pieces already.  Also, avoid wearing thick pieces of clothing underneath. If you must bundle up for warmth, choose to layer your clothes rather than wearing one thick piece under your cape.

4. Asymmetric Hem Jumpers

Jumpers are a wardrobe staple, but those with asymmetrical hems are a refreshing change for anyone who wants something new. These go beyond being your usual pullover, since they are cleverly designed with uneven hems. Plus size women in particular are sure to love those that run longer behind.

Being longer at the back these jumpers provide great coverage behind, without looking frumpy in front. Asymmetric hem jumpers will go with just about anything from leather pants to printed leggings and skinny jeans. Its versatility makes it an everyday closet must-have.

5. Fringed Hems

Bohemian and tribal inspired clothing have been quick to hit the shelves, and it’s something that curvy women can embrace. Fringed hems in particular are a trend to love. While some may fear that this style can bring attention to the torso, it does not necessarily bring negative attention.

Fringes can create the illusion of length since they are vertical and tend to draw the eyes up and down. Aside from these, since there are spaces in between it can create an optical illusion and provide some sheer coverage in the area. Of course, there’s no forgetting that these add a subtle touch of design and personality too.

These five new looks that have hit the store racks are certainly wearable even for curvy ladies if you follow these guidelines. There are a number of places that you can find these items, including plus size dresses in Australia.

Author Bio: Regina is an Australian based fashion enthusiast who loves to share her tips, tricks and ideas on the latest trends for curvy ladies. To stay up to date with more of her fashion advice for plus sizes check out Tee and Me.

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