5 New Fashions for Men Every Guy Needs This Summer

May 4, 2013

Women aren’t the only ones who care about fashion. Men also want to look their best, and that includes when they’re heading to the beach or summer barbecues. When you are assembling a masculine summer wardrobe, include these hot choices to look sharp and feel great.

Men's Summer Fashion

Men’s Summer Fashion

Taking a Ride on the Water

You don’t have to own a boat to enjoy a fresh, nautical style. Bold horizontal striped shirts in navy and white are always a safe choice. It’s one of the hottest fashions today, and it will still be a good choice in a few years. It’s also versatile because it works with polo shirts you can wear during the day and lightweight sweaters you may put on after the sun goes down.

The Right Pattern for Shorts

You look at plaid shorts on one guy and they look incredible, but when you see them on someone else, they’re garish and overwhelming. The trick is to choose a pattern that only uses two or three colors, and go for a smaller scale on the print. If you are leaning towards plaid, then try to choose one with a larger color pattern that shows more of the background color. Paired with a solid color T-shirt, you have a safe and stylish wardrobe combination that’s perfect the beach, vacation or the company picnic.

V-Neck T-Shirts

T-Shirts are always a summer staple, but you don’t have to look at crew necks. Shirts that dip down a little in the front are more stylish and look amazing on most guys. Choose solid colors that can be paired with those patterned shorts for a hip style that suits every casual gathering.

Mix Casual and Dressy

Jeans paired with a button down shirt left untucked is a great style for most men. When you are looking for jeans, the only way is Reem. The jeans are soft, comfortable and designed to make you look even better. Pair dark denim with a plain white shirt, and make sure you leave the top button undone for a casual look that is perfect for an evening out or a later afternoon gathering with the guys.

Light Colors

Invest in at least one pair of light-colored pants for summer. They can be white, cream or a very light tan. Paired with a dark shirt in navy blue, black or deep olive green, this combination is current and a little edgy.

Men who care about looking their best will be interested in all of these summer fashions. While these looks are hot this year, many of them are timeless styles that will still be around in a few years. Invest in quality clothes that will look incredible on you and will last for a few years.

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