5 Incredible Shoe Care Tips for Men

November 1, 2017

Buying a nice pair of shoes is just the beginning. For men, the real struggle lies in taking care of your best pair after bringing it home. The greatest mistakes any man can do is neglecting his shoes after purchasing them. It is important that you put your time and effort into caring for your shoes. From leather brogues to canvas shoes, every type of shoe requires special attention. You must give your shoes a special touch of maintenance and care. Let us consider some of the ways you can ensure your shoes are always at their best.

Brush and protect suede more often

If you have decided to invest in pricey suede men’s shoes, you must resolve to protect them using suede spray that is water and salt-resistant. The choice of suede must also be able to resist mud in order to protect your shoes from damage resulting from this element. It is also important that you have a good suede erase and brush for proper maintenance. Before using any suede spray, it is important that you test it to prevent the risk of it changing the colour of your shoes. For your suede shoes to last longer, start by using the eraser to get rid of stains. Proceed with the brush to have your suede shoes looking their best.

Keep the Friday paper

Sometimes, you can find yourself caught in an unexpected downpour. The first step to saving your shoes from permanent damage in such a situation is drying them immediately you get home. Simply stuff your shoes with a newspaper and place them in a well-ventilated place. The newspaper will help absorb moisture as they dry. Do not be tempted to use the hair dryer or bring them near a heater for ‘quick drying’. It will only cause the leather to crack and make the shoes brittle.

Spend on quality polish

Where leather shoes are concerned, do not take the bargain route when it comes to shoe polish. Instead of that sneaker scuff cleaner available at the local store, go out of your way to settle on actual shoe polish. The cheap cleaners might save you money initially but at the expense of your shoes’ lasting glamour. Go shopping, invest in quality shoe polish and your shoes might just outlive you!

Embrace hand washing for canvas

When it comes to caring for sneakers, many people choose the simple route of throwing them into the washing machine. This should not be the case. Take your time to clean the canvas sneaker by hand. For the best outcome, use water and fabric shampoo. If you go the washing machine way, you risk shortening the lifespan of the rubber soles.

Quality men’s shoes are costly; we cannot run away from that fact. It does not make sense to invest so much on quality leather shoes then fail to take care of them appropriately. Next time you are out shopping for new shoes, insist on finding out the best ways of taking care of that pair. You will be glad you did.

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