5 Different Lehenga Styles For Different Body Types

December 21, 2015

India being a land of different cultures, always have festive occasions around the corner. When ethnic, the lehenga choli is a popular choice among young girls and women. For a wedding, the bridal lehenga is the best choice. You must also keep in mind what colours suit you best. Due to the various types of lehenga cholis available on CBazaar.com, choosing the right cut and the best fit is made simple. Here are 5 different lehenga styles for different Indian body types:

  • The Straight Cut Lehenga: This style is suitable for all body types as it doesn’t flare out like most lehengas. It resembles a wrap around skirt and is comfortable to wear. It forms a straight line from the waist to the hem and has slits on the sides. The Straight Cut Lehenga is best suited to petite body types, and are ideal to hide any flaws.The Straight Cut Lehenga Buy Online
  • The A-Line lehenga: If you have a pear or hour glass shape body, then this style will suit you the best. The A-line Lehenga is flared from the waist to hem, and since the flairs are kept simple, you can choose to wear a heavily embroidered blouse. This will help highlight the slim parts of your body and draw away attention from your hips. You can show off your slim waist by choosing a short choli or a netted dupatta.The A-Line lehenga Buy Online
  • The Mermaid/Fish style Lehenga: If you have a rectangular shaped body and have no curves, this style would be ideal for you. This Fish Cut type adds curves and volume to your slender shape. They are tight at the knees, hips and waists and has flares starting from the calves. You can wear a corset or halter-neck choli to enhance the elegance of the look.The Mermaid Fish style Lehenga Buy Online
  • The Circular/Flared Lehenga: If you have a cone shaped body and a slim torso, this type will suit you perfectly. With broad flares and pleats near the waist, the lehenga is voluminous and forms a circle at the hem. You can choose an elegant choli to complement the outfit and complete the look.The Circular Flared Lehenga Buy Online
  • The Panel Lehenga: If you have an apple shaped body, you must choose the panel type of lehenga. It creates a slimming effect that elongates the torso. It has horizontal panels on the flares to increase the volume. If prefer to minimise the mid section of your body, opt for a long choli to complement the outfit and wrap around your waist.

With the above styles in mind and tips on how to dress each type of body, lehenga shopping on CBazaar.com will be an enjoyable experience. You can now choose the right type of lehenga choli that will complement your style perfectly. Even the way you mix and match your lehenga-choli can make a huge difference while dressing up to look your best.

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