4 Ways to Avoid Being a Cliche Romantic

May 1, 2013

Nothing is worse than dining with a man only to discover that he’s taken every single first date to the same tired restaurant. Similarly, romantic gestures that have been seen in every romantic comedy since 1982 should not be repeated in real life: people want to experience something fresh! Here are four romantic clichés to avoid, and tips on how to be unique.

Don’t Buy Roses

INSTEAD: Choose Something Personal

Women love roses the way they love black dresses: predictable and flattering, they never wow the woman but always make her smile. Why would you aim for a smile when you could win a bright grin, big hug and . . . other forms of ‘thank you’ from your leading lady?

By choosing a bouquet that includes her favorite flowers or the type of flower you brought on your first date, you can prove more than that you spent a little cash. Thoughtful flower arrangements are charming and romantic in a way tried-and-true roses just are not.

Don’t Plan the Entire Date for Her

INSTEAD: Plan Most of the Date, but Give Options

While first dates should be planned in advance to prove you care, every detail should not be determined. Make reservations for dinner and perhaps for an entertainment (like a movie or show), but leave dessert up to her: maybe choose two or three options that are nearby to suggest, like cupcakes or ice cream.

By leaving the night open-ended you will discover what she likes, too, and if she’s creative. Women enjoy contributing to the plans, even if they are old-fashioned enough to expect a pre-planned evening.

Boy with Hot Girl Buying an Engagement Ring

4 Ways to Avoid Being a Cliche Romantic

Don’t Buy an Engagement Ring Alone

INSTEAD: Let Him or Her Choose the Rings

While every woman loves to see a guy go down on one knee (and increasingly men enjoy seeing women pop the question), few ladies are pleased with the rings they are given. Most women choose never to voice their displeasure, because the man asked such a loving and unconditional question of the woman, but they secretly wish they could have had their dream ring from Pinterest.

Use a 25-cent ring from the grocery vending machine to propose, and quickly tell her that you want her to choose the engagement ring. She’ll be incredibly happy and her friends will be incredibly green with jealousy.

Never Get Predictable: It’s the Worst Kind of Romance!

INSTEAD: Change Up Your Routine & Gifts

It is sweet to send your wife a box of chocolates every anniversary, or a singing telegram every birthday; but it’s sweeter to surprise her with something new each year. Husbands and wives enjoy variety, surprise, and thoughtful new gift ideas. Instead of doing roses yet again for Valentine’s Day, let him choose your Valentine’s Day lingerie this year, or chocolate-flavored massage oils.

Never repeat the same gift, restaurant, or entertainment venue more than twice in a row. Lovers deserve a little more thought and creativity than you would show yourself. Consider browsing your partner’s Facebook page for ideas of what they would enjoy being surprised with, or for hints about venues they’d like to see.

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