4 Things I Bought and Loved When I Was Pregnant

March 16, 2013

Finding out that you’re pregnant can be one of the most amazing – and life changing – events in your life. You know that everything will be completely different in nine months time when you welcome a tiny baby into the world, but you are looking forward to this new and unknown period in your life. But there is so much to get ready, and so much to get used to. I’m now a mum of two – one is three and the other is one – and I am so thankful to have had the support from my loving partner and wider family during my pregnancy. That’s why I thought I’d share with you four things that I bought that were essential to my sanity and happiness during the nine months I was carrying my first child.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant Women

Comfortable maternity clothes

I never considered how much I would need to change my wardrobe when I was first pregnant. It soon became apparent that I would need to buy some outfits that would last me through until my maternity leave started, and other outfits that would be more suited for the period where I was waiting to go into hospital to give birth. I went to the high street to find stylish maternity clothes and was surprised at just how good the selection was. My top tip would be to find a great pair of black trousers as they can be worn with many different tops including tunics and fitted vests.

Memory foam pillow

For comfort at night time, I decided to invest in a memory foam pillow, and what a difference it made to my old hollowfibre one. Memory foam is ideal to keep you comfortable throughout the night; it certainly stopped me from tossing and turning to get into a relaxing position. If you’re like me, it’s likely that you’ll end up using this type of pillow long after your pregnancy; I don’t think I could ever go back to a basic pillow!

Super soft slippers

Again, in the name of comfort I bought some super soft slippers. It’s hard to know how much your feet can swell and get tired before you end up carrying a baby around for many hours in the day. Of course, it is worth it in the end, but it can feel oh so rewarding to sink your feet into a delightfully sumptuous pair of slippers. There are so many styles of slippers available that you can find something that suits you if you tend to get cold or hot feet easily.

Rocking chair

I bought a rocking chair in anticipation of the hours spent nursing my newborn, but I soon realised how good it would be for me during the pregnancy itself. There seems to be so much waiting in pregnancy, and I spent many an hour passing the time on my rocking chair either dozing or reading. I had a good assortment of supportive cushions and comfortable blankets to accompany me too.

About the author

Sandra Bullok organises activities for children at a summer village fete in Cumbria, UK. Other mums often ask for her help with choosing designer maternity clothes and items for their newborns.

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