4 Steps to Helping a Friend Beat Addiction

September 19, 2018

Waking up every day addicted takes its toll on the body. It also plays tricks on the mind, and denial becomes an everyday thing. Waking up watching the person you love can be just as hard if not worse. You look in their eyes and see the despair, and so desperately want to help. It can be even harder when your loved one doesn’t even know they need help. What can you do when they are finally ready for help? There are many resources available to help guide you through this difficult process.


Be Patient

It is easy to see a family member who is struggling and start telling them what they need to do. Often an addict will put up their defense mechanisms and fight off the advice. They tend to take the advice as a measure of harm. Learning to control your tone and even body language can help influence a calm conversation. Let them know firmly but calmly they are loved. Remind them of who depends on them, and what opportunities await them outside of their addiction. Don’t empathize with them or feel sorry for them.

Do Your Research

Know the signs of addiction. If your loved one shows signs of withdrawal from family, spending more money than usual, or even physical signs they may need help. There are many resources out there for help. Before confronting your loved one, know statistics. Knowing what causes addiction can help you greatly. Depending on what addiction they face, help could vary. Knowing mortality rates, laws, and other expectancy can help convince them that seeking help is the right choice.

Visit Rehab Facilities

Many places such as the Fort Lauderdale treatment center allow you to come visit. By visiting one of these places can help eliminate fears associated with rehab centers. People are often afraid of the structured, hospital like vibes. Addicts don’t want to accept that they are facing a disease and need help. It is also another great way to find information and support for both the addict and your family.

Take Care of Yourself

You can’t be of much help when you are not at full strength. Not only do you need to be patient with your loved one, you must be strong. Set boundaries for yourself. Don’t allow their problem become your problem. You can’t fix them. Continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat right and exercise to be at your best. This alone could be a good incentive for your friend to want to do better. You may also need to seek other means of help for yourself such as therapy or support groups.

Watching someone you love spiral can be one of the hardest things you do in your life. By staying strong, you may help save a life. Remembering these tips could ease some of the stress associated with drug addiction. Remember you are not alone. Remind them they are not alone, and perhaps the steps of recovery can be a little lighter.

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