4 Simple Reasons to Start Exercising NOW

April 15, 2013

If you lead a fairly inactive life, you may wonder what all the fuss about exercising is really about. After all, going to the gym hurts your muscles, it makes you feel exhausted and you end up all sweaty and stinky afterwards. So why is it that so many people willing work out on a regular basis? What makes this physical activity so appealing? To answer this, here are four reasons why you should get up from your computer and begin exercising now.

It Makes You Happier

Science has proven that physical activity releases a stream of feel-good hormones into your bloodstream. This means that you’ll automatically reach a natural high once you conduct any sort of exercise regime. In fact, working out has been linked to decreases in depression, allowing your body to fight against these black moods.

Of course, you’ll have to push through the initial stages to get to this feel-good phase after exercising. At first, the hormones will still be there though they may be overpowered by the physical pain that you have to push yourself through. This can be a major barrier for anyone just starting on the path to good fitness. However, you’ll still feel great after the workout once your muscles have rested.

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4 Simple Reasons to Start Exercising NOW

It Makes Your Life Easier

Simply put, exercising makes you stronger, giving you more power, endurance and flexibility to then use in your everyday routine. This, in turn will make things a whole lotmore convenient by:

  • Allowing you to lift heavier loads during the day
  • Giving you the energy to stay on your feet for longer
  • Keeping your posture straight for added health when older

All of these benefits will then make it easier for you to manage your life’s day-to-day requirements. So get out there and look for some treadmills for sale for your home gym. The improved physical capabilities that you receive will make this purchase well worth it in the end as you tackle a range of tasks without even breaking a sweat once you’re finished.

It Helps You Set Goals

The mere act of working out consists of short-term aims that build up your body’s ability. Working through a set regime will keep you focused on the task at hand, motivating you to push yourself through some strenuous activities in order to reach your goals. These steps will make you stronger and stronger so you can eventually reach your final target.

This step-by-step development process can then be extended to other life areas in the home and office. After all, the mind-set is the same even though the goals are different. Whether you are working to reach a deadline or take care of your kids, your target can be reached one step at a time using the same frame of mind you have when working out.

It Will Make You Look Great

Finally, starting a workout programme now will give you a fantastic body much sooner. Your fat will drop off, your muscles will become more toned and you’ll gain more confidence as a result. Of course, you’ll need to hone your regime so you can burn fat or gain muscle as planned. The right tactics will provide a body you will definitely be proud of.

As well as this, the mere act of working out is far sexier than doing something inactive such as lazing on the couch. Whether lifting weights in the gym or cycling around the park, you’ll actually look like a motivated, driven person to those around you. This will boost your self-image, transforming you from a lazy slob to someone who actually has appeal.

About the Author:

Tegan O’Connor is a writer from Fitness Market, a family owned company based in Brisbane with knowledge and experience in the health industry. Aside from multiple branches across South East Queensland, they also have an online store to cater to clients from all over Australia. They have treadmills for sale, protein shakes, supplements, and other home gym equipment.

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