4 Fashion Mistakes Women Make

April 28, 2014

All women, right from the day they pick out their first birthday outfit to the day when they choose their wedding gown, want to look their best, the most stylish and fashionable. But, very few women actually get it right. This is often so because with many styles, cuts, and designers out there, trying to be fashionable is not easy, as fashion is one area where no one can stay on top forever. It also needs to be said that trying in the right spirit and being true to yourself can often help you master the art of dressing and appearing fashionable. To begin with, here are some everyday fashion faux pas that you need to stop making now.

Fashion Mistakes Women - Over the top accessories

Fashion Mistakes Women – Over the top accessories

Over-the-top accessories

Bling is nice and so are watches, hair bows, earrings, and chunky jewelry, but do you need to put them all on display at once? Loading up on favorite accessories in a bid to impress is perhaps the most common mistake most women make. They end up giving the impression of a wannabe who is trying too hard by putting her best wares on display. Remember, less is more. Use your favorite accessories as statement pieces and do not use more than two at once. This would help draw attention to your cool accessories while making your tastes appear refined.

Covering it all up or baring it all

You may not have a celebrity’s body, but does that mean you can’t let your skin breathe and live a little by allowing it to get a little color under the sun?

There is no rule that says plump women or even women on the heavy side cannot look good or fashionable. On the other hand, if you actually have a gorgeous body, it is better to dress up in a flattering way that leaves something to imagination. In both cases, the trick to dressing fashionably is to wear fitting clothes that bring out your body contours. Plump women can dress smartly and play with colors to camouflage their fatty bits, and petite women can always dress in smartly cut gowns that bring out their curves the right way.

Wearing same color on top and bottom

Another common mistake women make is wearing an overdose of their favorite color. For example, if blue is your favorite color, does that mean you need to always wear it all over, in jeans, in blouses, and top it all with a blue watch and a blue handbag? Instead, a good idea would be to match your blue jeans with a cool white top and white sandals, or you could also mix and match your huge collection of blue tunics and tops with white leggings, chic skirts, or colored jeans.

Trying too hard

Lastly, never ever try too hard, as it is always obvious. Instead, look in the mirror and do an honest assessment of yourself. Mark out your best features and angles and bring them out through your dressing. Fashion is nothing but an expression of style, so use your personal style as a guiding force for choosing which fashion to adopt and which to reject.

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