15 Fashion Tips Every Man Should Know

September 7, 2013

During this summer of Euro, the Olympic Games and sport on the television at every turn, men want fashion advice quick and easy – check out these fast 15 top tips for transforming your wardrobe quickly.

1. Make sure your clothes fit. This is the single biggest improvement anyone can make to their appearance. Whether you wear a size too big for comfort, or a size too small for a closer fit, neither is acceptable. Sort it out.

2. The simpler, the better. This does not have to mean boring, or one dimensional, but is rather message saying “don’t overdo it.” Do not go wild and mix more than three colours, and keep accessories sober and stylish.

3. Understand what casual means. Definition = Not formal or in tailoring. It does not mean be lazy and wear anything.

4. Match, do not mix. Make sure what you are wearing complements itself. If the top is casual, the bottom should be casual, and so on….

5. Do not shop alone, you can rarely trust the shop assistant paid to make the tills ring. Use an online outfit builder for personalised style advice.

6. Overdress. That is not to say go over the top at all times, but you should always be looking to stand out for the right reasons, looking like a tramp simply will not do. Be careful at work though; if your office is highly political then out-dressing the boss is a huge faux pas.

7. Look out for details, ensure your tie is immaculate and no, you cannot get away with not sewing the jacket button back on.

8. Make sure your shoes are awesome. Women notice shoes, so even if your hair, stubble, and clothes are having a day off, your shoes will still look amazing.

9. Be careful of current trends. Obviously you want to look great, but try and avoid obvious fads that look great now but will be out again next month. Have your own individual style and look, and work to that.

10. Piccadilly Circus is for advertising, you are not Britney Spears being paid to advertise Coca-Cola, so lose the dodgy “brand” t-shirts.

Mens Fashion Tips 2014

Mens Fashion Tips 2014

11. Question everything you buy, my favourite tactic is to look deeper at branded items. Would I buy the t-shirt if it did not have the Lacoste Croc on it? If not, I do not buy.

12. You never stop learning in life, and the same is true for fashion. Continue to enhance your image and read the latest online advice and men’s fashion magazines.

13. Ask what you look like. From personal experience, it is best to speak to people that you both trust and that actually know something about style. Asking your brother if you look great in vintage style is a bit pointless if he still walks around in a tracksuit.

14. Ensure your shave is perfect, either use the latest top brand for a wet shave or invest in a high quality electric version.

15. Be a fashion scientist and experiment with your look. Where possible, you can keep this to the store fitting rooms, although sometimes you simply have to bite the bullet and get out there!

There, 15 tips, quick and easy…..back to the football, then!

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