11 Fascinating Ways to Care for Naturally Curly Hair

October 24, 2018

With all the knots, twists, and turns, curly hair looks undeniably unique. However, it can be very delicate and fragile, too. Come to think of this, given the wavy nature, the natural oils in the scalp, which are responsible for softening and protecting the hair, may not immediately reach the tips. As a result, curly hair is often low in moisture.

11 Fascinating Ways to Care for Naturally Curly Hair

Ways to Care for Naturally Curly Hair

If you are a girl with a naturally curly hair, there is hope. Here are some clever hair care tips to care for your natural curls:

1. Consider using a pre-shampoo treatment.

You may haven’t heard of it yet, but many curly haired-gals with delicate locks recommend using a pre-shampoo treatment. It’s literally what it is; a treatment done before shampooing.

A pre-shampoo treatment is performed to soften, condition, and detangle the locks before shampooing. It aims to prevent any unwanted damage and roughness caused by shampooing, especially if hair seems snarled and tangled.

To pre-shampoo, start by applying a conditioning oil to dry hair. Make sure you divide your hair into equal sections so you can evenly work the conditioner. If possible, use your fingers to separate your curls and massage the oil in. Leave it there for around 20 minutes.

If your hair is very tangled, wrap it with a towel or plastic cap. That way, you heat up your hair a bit and open the cuticles. With the help of the heat, the conditioning oil can penetrate deep into the roots.

Now, you might be convincing yourself not to do this because you don’t have enough time to insert this step into your daily routine. Well, let us tell you something. This step can save you time and money in the long run because it’ll be easier to detangle those locks after you shampoo.

2. Avoid shampooing every day.

Curly hair does not have to be shampooed regularly unlike straight hair. Regular shampooing may only stress out your strands and dry out those thirsty curls.

But you have to know that conditioners are your friend. Apply your favorite conditioner every time you shower. Just make sure you are using a conditioner that is specially formulated for curly hair.

3. Be wise in choosing a shampoo.

Your hair is like a fine cashmere. To care for it, you must not wash it with a harsh shampoo. As much as possible, use a gentle shampoo or a conditioner that works to refresh your hair, but not strip away its natural oils and moisture.

If you cannot help but use a shampoo or a cleansing conditioner, you can try what other curly girls do, which is to dilute their conditioners and shampoos with distilled water before using.

4. Section your locks to enjoy a tangle-free washing.

Did you know that swirling, scrubbing, and rubbing your hair while shampooing can cause serious damage to your curls? If you’ve been doing that, you’ve probably noticed the never-ending tangles in your hair, which you don’t want to think or talk about.

The best way to apply shampoo is to section your hair into four. If it’s really thick, divide it into more sections. Before you apply shampoo to the first section, clip or twist the rest. And then, apply a small amount of shampoo or conditioner to that portion and massage gently. Move slowly along the lengths.

Do the same thing with the other sections. Rinse in the same manner, section by section. Begin at the scalp to the tips.

5. Avoid the use of hot and cold water.

It’s really tempting to wash your curls with cold water, especially when it’s hot outside. But did you know that cold water won’t help you achieve the luxurious hair washing experience you always wanted? It will only close your cuticles, which then locks in moisture.

If you want to make your curly hair shiny and radiant, use lukewarm water.

6. Consider applying a deep hair conditioner.

Every after you shampoo, be sure to apply a deep conditioner. Before you do that, you have to choose a formula that answers your hair needs.

It’s as easy as this. If it is dry, buy a deep conditioner with a formula that has glycerin, natural oils, and glycol. If your hair is weak, find a deep conditioner that has a protein reconstructor, such as keratin and amino acids.

Like your pre-shampoo treatment and shampoo, apply the deep hair conditioner into your curly hair in sections. That way, you can be confident that it is evenly and thoroughly applied. Just avoid the scalp because it does not necessarily need moisture.

To help distribute the conditioner to all sections, use a wide tooth comb. After which, let the deep hair conditioner do its work. Leave it on for about 10 minutes or cover it with a plastic cap for about 20 minutes. Let the heat in your body work magic.

If you are using a moisturizing conditioner, you may not have to rinse because your hair will absorb most of it. But if you are using a protein conditioner, you have to because conditioners with protein can cause your hair to become very brittle. If you really want to add more moisture by using a protein conditioner, apply a leave-in conditioner after rinsing it.

7. Learn to adjust the use of hair conditioner when needed.

It can be a challenge to maintain a naturally curly hair because you have to maintain balance between protein and moisture. Apply too much moisture and your hair could look mushy. Over apply the other and your hair will become brittle and stiff.

So, how do you adjust the use of your hair conditioner? Well, there are certain factors you have to consider. One is the time of the year; for example, it’s a dry winter or a humid summer. Another one is your body cycle. Sometimes, your body unknowingly changes the balance of the protein and moisture.

8. Use microfiber towels.

Scratchy and rough towels are for the dishes. Please don’t use them on your hair, unless you want your hair to end up frizzy.

To keep your hair intact, it is best that you use a microfiber towel or a soft cotton shirt to absorb the excess moisture. Then, lay the microfiber towel flat. Simply flip your head over and slowly position your curls on the towel. Take the ends of the towel and begin to twist.

Once your curls are secure, pull the twist backs and clip them together. Wait for about 30 minutes before removing the towel. All the excess moisture should be removed and your curly hair will stay defined and free of frizz.

9. Ditch those rough pillowcases.

What most of us do not know is that the bed is a place that can make or break your locks. So, to keep them from breaking your hair, use smooth, satin pillow cases. Better yet, wrap your hair with a satin scarf when you go to sleep.

10. Comb your hair the right way.

Your hair is your crowning glory, so you have to invest in the highest quality comb possible. When combing, be sure to do it with care. Avoid pulling it or raking your scalp. If you wish to detangle your hair after you shampoo, use a wide tooth comb and comb by section.

It’s also a great idea to detangle and comb your hair when it’s wet, especially when it is protected with conditioner. Just don’t ever think of using a hairbrush as it will affect your beautiful curl patterns and break your strands.

11. Steer clear of heat styling tools.

In case you don’t know, the common causes for hair breakage are flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers. If you are addicted to any of these tools, then your hair is probably a real nightmare.

To somehow reduce the effects of these tools, use them only when needed. And if you need to dry your hair, do it the natural way.

If you want to invest in these tools, get the highest quality tool you can find and afford. Opt for a tool that has ionic properties and is made with ceramic. Prior to styling, make it a habit to apply a heat protectant.

Now, if you really must style with heat, consider using a hair dryer diffuser. It prevents frizz by distributing heat evenly. It’s also so much gentler than the regular blow dryer.

To use, begin at the roots and move in circular motions. Keep it at a 90-degree angle to the scalp before you finally diffuse the tips. Once your hair is almost dry, press the cool button to seal in the moisture and keep your hair shiny.

Ways to Care for Naturally Curly Hair

Ways to Care for Naturally Curly Hair

Wrapping Up

We hope these tips help you and encourage you to keep your naturally curly hair beautiful and healthy. Which one is your favorite?

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