10 Essential Bathroom Items if You Want to Bathe Like a King

July 3, 2014

Ensuring you create a restful and pleasing environment in your bathroom is an absolutely necessary step in creating the perfect home. There are a variety of fixtures, finishes, and options you can use to both increase the aesthetic appeal of the room while ensuring that it remains functional for you and your family to use. So, if you’re interested in creating a luxurious bathroom fit for a king then follow these ten tips:

1. Luxury Shower

Investing in a luxury shower is the best place to begin when it comes to creating a magnificent bathroom. The shower is one of the centerpieces of any bathroom environment and with so many premium showers on offer you are sure to find one perfectly suited to your needs. A walk-in shower is a superb way to bathe every day and will certainly add a feeling of opulence to the room. Putting some extra money towards ensuring that you get a particularly luxurious shower with a lot of extra features is a wise move.

2. Whirlpool Bath

By installing a whirlpool bath in your bathroom you will have a spa-like retreat within your very own home. Quite simply put, nothing says luxury like an in-home spa experience, that’s for sure! Whether it’s a slipper bath, whirlpool bath or spa bath, an impressive tub will not only up the ‘wow’ factor in your bathroom in an instant, but it will make you feel like royalty every time you indulge in it.

3. Designer Vanity

The vanity unit in your bathroom should be one that is highly functional yet have all those extra touches of luxury you’re craving. Vanities fit for a king will have soft-close drawers, self-closing doors, opulent embellishments and plenty of storage space.

4. Vessel Basin

There is something extra special about vessel basins so when you choose your vanity consider matching it up with a stunning basin that can sit proudly on top of your designer vanity unit.

5. Fancy Faucets

Spend extra on faucets and you won’t regret it. The tap-ware in your bathroom ties together the entire look and feel so if it’s a royal feeling you’re after then select luxury designs. Floor standing tap sets are super elegant as are gold finished faucets. You will find that most fixtures for your bath, shower and basin are available in several versions, so for example, if you don’t like flat chrome, look at brushed nickel instead or one of the more indulgent options such as gold plating.

luxurious bathroom  - Essential Bathroom Items

6. Set the Mood

The lighting you choose can really make or break your overall bathroom look and feel so spend plenty of time when making your choices. Soft lighting will give a warm luxurious effect, with under counter lights adding a dramatic effect for evening events where guests will frequent the room and or you simply want to unwind in an entirely indulgent aesthetic at the end of your busy day.

7. Plush Towels 

Even the little things can help add allure to your regal bathroom such as plush towels. Making sure you have the finest plush towels, both for use after showering as well as hand towels, can go a long way to finishing off the whole impression you’re trying to deliver and experience for yourself every day.

8. Heated Towel Rails

No luxury bathroom is complete without a heated towel rail. There are many designer rails available and these appliances can act as a work of art on the wall too, adding to your indulgent bathroom.

9. Mirror Mirror

Just as with heated towel rails, there are designer mirrors on offer that are highly practical yet stunning works of art at the same time. Whether it’s a mirror with a gilded frame or a mirror cabinet with sensor lighting and built-in de-mister, installing a decorative mirror as a feature piece can take your bathroom design up a level in terms of opulence and regal style.

10. Integrated Technology

For that final touch of royal pleasure why not integrate some of today’s modern technology into your daily bathing routine. Televisions and computers can be seamlessly built-into cabinets, mirrors and even shower walls so you can connect to the outside world should you feel the need.

As you can see, creating a bathroom that will have you bathing like a king takes a little bit of thought and a lot of planning but in the end it will bring you a lifetime of indulgent bathing and that’s what makes it all worth it.

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