10 Clothing tips and tricks for student’s event

August 25, 2016

Student’s are most fashionable and they want to look so special with their clothing. Nowadays, students are following many fashion trends. In student life, we all went and participated in many events. Without even a care of submitting an upcoming college essay on time, every student wants to look special and attractive. For that, there are some really helpful tips and tricks to get everyone’s attention.

Clothing tips and tricks for student's event

  1. For official events, wear suits or formal party wear. For unofficial events like student parties or fun events, wear a casual dress with matching colors. When you wear light color lower, wear dark color top. Don’t wear the same shade or same color clothes.
  1. Use lockets or fashion necklaces, this makes you look stylish and fashionable. Remember, use only suitable accessories with the outfits. It makes you look special at the event.
  1. For dark color clothes, sometimes detergent marks cannot be removed.

In such case, use baby wipes to remove those stains. Don’t go to any event unless you remove those stains.

  1. In a rainy season, some type of shoes becomes really wet, it makes us feel uncomfortable looks nasty or even filthy. To get rid of the moisture on shoes, make them waterproof by using wax and rub throughout the shoe, then dry it with the hair dryer. When rain occurs in middle of the event, then everyone will feel jealous by seeing your shoes dry.

Clothing tips and tricks for student's event

  1. Sometimes, on your old clothes lint or peeling may occur. To get rid of that, use Velcro or shaving razor to remove those peeling or lint from the clothes.
  1. When you wear T-shirts, use scarf. It makes your look more attractive and smart. There are many types of scarf tying tips available on the Internet. Make sure that you are wearing T-shirt for an unofficial event.
  1. We all know that for official events we don’t fold our cuffed sleeves, but when we go to an unofficial events, folding your cuffed sleeves looks rather smart. There are different types of folding sleeves available, or you can invent your own one.
  1. For ladies, sometimes the bra strip is coming out of the dress. This is one of the biggest problem to women. Thus, use a paperclip to avoid it.
  1. Of course, light color clothes looks smart and attractive at the event. But after a one-time use, sweat stains make the collar and underarms looks weird and some yellow stains are not easily removed. To get rid of this, use lemon juice and apply it on the area of the stains before washing.
  1. Choose clothes in accordance with your body type. When you are thin, prefer long sleeve tops and don’t put on tight clothes. If you are a bit fat, prefer short sleeve clothes and don’t put on too loose clothes.

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Follow these tips and tricks to look smart and attractive at the events. And don’t forget to smile, as that is truly your best outfit.

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