10 Best MC Helmets of 2019

February 28, 2019

If you are a motorcyclist and have been a seasoned biker, you will know that there is one essential item that you must put on whenever you set out on your motorcycle ride. This is the top most item in the possession of every responsible motorcyclist and it is the motorcycle helmet. In most countries, wearing a motorcycle helmet is mandatory for every motorcyclist.

10 Best MC Helmets of 2019

The purpose of wearing a motorcycle helmet is to protect your head, brain and face from serious injuries in case of a fall or in times of accident. Whether you are riding a motorcycle as a commuter, or as a cruiser, it is the responsibility of the biker to take safety precaution by wearing a proper motorcycle riding helmet. This is to ensure a safe ride. It doesn’t matter how short or long the ride you are taking, you need to put on your helmet as long as you are taking a ride on a motorcycle, No one can predict when an accident can happen.

Every year we can see on the internet the “5 best”, “7 best” or “10 best” shopping guides on what products or brands to buy based on their quality, popularity, or brands. Likewise, we will be having the 10 best MC helmets of 2019 released very soon. There could even be a list on the 10 best coolest street bike helmets to buy for the year 2019.

The top brands that make it into the list of the top best motorcycle helmets are the Bell, Shoei, Arai, HJC, etc. because of high quality protective materials, and some for their stronger design, colourful graphics, etc. It is important to choose the right type of helmet to match your riding style.

A full face helmet is suitable for all riders, regardless of the type of motorcycle you are riding. The full face helmet is designed and constructed to offer the most coverage around the head and neck of the rider. It is also equipped with a chin bar to protect the rider from potential impact on the chin and jaw which most helmets lack.

Due to the crouched riding position of sports riders, they need a helmet with a higher chin bar and a visor opening angled slightly towards the top of the helmet to prevent the helmet lifting when riding at high speeds. Whereas, riders such as cruisers will look for cruiser helmets with lower chin bar and a visor opening that is more direct and straightforward due to their upright riding position.

If you are thinking of buying a full face helmet, it should have ventilation through the helmet to evaporate sweat, reduce visor fogging, and keep you cool while riding. Look for ventilation that can be closed to reduce airflow during the colder months. Newer full face helmets are designed to accommodate Bluetooth speakers, etc. and tinted visors to protect from UV rays, etc.

Other types of helmet include the modular or flip up helmet, open face helmet or the ¾ helmet, half helmet, off road helmet, and dual sport helmet. When buying helmet, it is important to choose wisely for safe rides.

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